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During World War II paratroopers Hannah Senesh, Haviva Reich and other

Jewish paratroopers parachuted into Nazi occupied Europe to assist in the

rescue of Jews during the Holocaust.

Not long after the war, the Zahal (Israel Defense Forces) Paratrooper Corps

was created. The Corps has evolved into a combat unit whose remarkable

sense of purpose, distinctive values and outstanding standards of excellence

has become a model for the Israeli armed forces. Generations of officers

have emerged from its ranks, forming the backbone of IDF‘s combat units.

“Follow Me“, the commanding officer battle cry, has become a national


This call epitomizes the personal example of courage, daring determination

and spirit of voluntarism. It has underscored a sense of brotherhood shared

by comrades-in-arms. The paratrooper tradition of „all for one“ eventually

became the hallmark of the IDF.

This same sense of mission still inspires the IDF today and will be at the core

of the Israel Paratroopers Heritage and Memorial Centre. As a beacon to

Israeli society and to its youth, it will be a fitting and everlasting monument

to the paratroopers’ glorious past.

Among the Centre‘s main objectives is to present the paratrooper code of

conduct and values as a model for the younger generation.

These unique values can serve as a source of inspiration, instilling among

young people a deeper sense of awareness of their responsibilities and

commitments to their country and to the world in which they live.

The Paratroopers Heritage Association was established in 1993, uniting the paratroopers

in the past and present, from all paratroopers in the regular and reserves.

The organization aims to preserve the values ​​of the paratroopers heritage and to pass

them on to future generations of soldiers and soldiers.

The organization's vision for imparting the paratroopers heritage is to tell, document,

and impart the stories, values ​​and legacy of the paratroopers fighters in the regular

and reserves.

The association will establish the Paratroopers Heritage Center, which will serve as

a home for the heritage, education and commemoration activities of the Paratroopers.

Areas of activity

  • Encouragement of meaningful service among soldiers and designated for

    defense service.

  • Treatment of paratroopers monuments.

  • Production of conferences and seminars in the field of paratroopers heritage.

  • Operation of volunteers in lectures and battle heritage.

  • Memorial Project "Video for Every Fallen".